5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Party Season

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You may not be quite ready to break out the Christmas decor but you might be starting to get in the mood to have a lazy day around the BBQ with friends or enjoying the pool now that the weather is starting to heat up. No matter whether you want to party the summer away or sit back quietly and enjoy the warmth, it's always way more fun when you're home is looking it's best and those nagging little jobs are out the way.

Here are our 5 tips to help make your home look fab

1. Declutter like a pro.  Does your local council have a clean up day coming up or do they offer a free clean up service?  Check out your local councils website for council clean ups, take note of the date or book in a pick up.  There is nothing like a deadline to get you in the mood to do something.  Don't forget to check out the council's list of things they will and won't take.

If your council doesn't do this it may be time for tip run or call in a professional to take away your unwanted items.

Once you have your date it's time to go around the house and start collecting all the broken things you promised you would fix one day, the things that have been sitting in the cupboard for years, and generally all the junk and unwanted items.  Here's a few questions to ask yourself when you are not sure whether to get rid of something.  

Do I (we) use it?

Do I (we) need it - or will I (we) need it in the next 6-12months? You can add, have I ever used it in here.  

Do I (we) love it?

If you don't answer yes to any of these questions, out it goes.

Can you donate any of your unwanted items?  When donating be sure to not be a dump donor. It's always a nice idea to take the item into your local op shop to make sure they think it's something they can resell.  Donating to your local op shop is especially good for items that you may have purchase but never used, toys that are still in good working order, old clothes etc. '

We love our local Red Cross Op Shop it's a treasure trove. My kids enjoy rummaging through the bins and boxes. I can give them just a few dollars and they will always find a neat toy or dress up items and I know the money is going to help someone in need.

2. Spruce up your garden. If you're a Sydney sider all that rain will mean only one thing, your garden is about to go CRAZY. Spring is the perfect time to get a quick handle on the supercharged growth that is about to happen.

Not only does the rain supercharge the growth of your garden, it makes it so much easier to pull out the weeds and replant.  

While you are outdoors grab that broom and get to work on the cobwebs and other build up that happens over the winter months.

3. Maintenance. Yep it's time to fix that fence paling, the hole in the deck and that door that keeps sticking. Make a list of the items that need fixing around your home and work your way through it.  If you're not handy grab a professional or ask a friend who is handy to help you out.

4. Go through your party accessories. If you don't plan on having get togethers until late November then you can leave this one until two weeks before you get into full swing. But do pop a reminder in your calendar, you don't want to forget when things start to get busy.

Are your tablecloths still party worthy, do you have enough cutlery, glasses etc.  Doing this a few weeks before will mean you won't be left short a few days beforehand running around trying to find the right sized tablecloth or a set of cutlery.

5. Keep on top of the cleaning. I know it's a drag. But if you keep on top of the cleaning you won't be running around like kids on a pre bedtime energy high a few days (or the night) before guests arrive. This is the time to get into a weekday 10 - 20 minute clean routine.  Spending 10 - 20 minutes each day doing one thing will cut down on your weekend chores. This is when you get to give the bathroom that "extra" clean, clean out the fridge, organise your linen cupboard.  You know all those inside jobs you've put off.

Bonus Tip. 

6. Spruce up the inside.  You can go simple by rearranging furniture to give a room that just redecorated feel, put away those heavy throws and blankets.  Or go all out, give a room a new coat of paint, change over the cushions*, update your bed linen, find a new centre piece for the hall table or artwork for the walls. 

* a extra bonus tip on cushions.  Some of our customers have winter and summer cushions.  They put the winter ones in the linen cupboard or in a spare room in summer and vice-versa.  Some even just buy the covers that fit the same size inner to save on space.

Phew, now that you've done all that it's time to plan for your party or Christmas event. 

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