Ayurvedic Liquid Soap | Pitta - Calming and Cooling


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A luxurious moisturising hand and body wash enriched with pure essential oils, shea butter and goat's milk to cleanse without drying your skin.

It comes in a gorgeous matt black glass bottle with brushed brass pump and is boxed, making it an ideal gift.

Suitable for hands, face and body.

Paraben and sulphate free.

Ingredients: purified water, sodium cocamido betaine, sodium lauroylsarcosinate, decyl glucoside, plant origin, glycerine, Peg-150, pentaerythrityl, tetrastearate, Peg6 capryic glyceride, parfum, natural fragrance blended from pure essential oils of tangerine, mandarin, spearmint, parfum shea butter and goat's milk


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